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My name is Doctorispie (pronounced "doctor is pie") and welcome to my webzone! Look that's me!:

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Dis section is to honor da c00l, bodacious, rad and kick-ass awesome guys out ther! Known 4 there ill lifestyles nd sick trickz B)

  • Super Mario
  • Lincoln Part
  • Tenacial D pick of destiney!
  • I have a high score of 3 on desert bus (24 concurrent hours of driving time with no breaks) this is not a bit.

    Please don't try to beat my high score, it will probably be very difficult and if you do beat it I'll get very sad :(

  • Skeleton #1
  • Skelton #2
  • Skleton #3
  • Sheldon #4
  • Skelder #5
  • Shelf #6

  • Most stuff made by me, some stuff made by other people
    2021 - Ad Infinitum

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    Dis webzite is under constuctrion! Work shuold be compelted vry s00n!!