Welcome to the official website of the Pete's Pizza Time Kingdom™ !!

The Peter Pizza Time Kingdom prides itself on its good clean pizza, "fun 4 the whole family" with delight and sworn in "care, love, and propper guaruntee" for and/or from every party involve. No fleas, no crease, most grease. Walking into the reasturaunt offers you the propper "pizza time kingdom garuntee™" you will not find hair in your food unlike that of our competitor(s), and we can garuntee you will feel like a true "pizza prince™" with our state of THE art castle world experience-o. Your arms, legs, hands, feet, arms, teeth, ears, eyes, nose, and of course "mouth" with enjoy the fine experiense found only in our reasturent and will not be harmed. the fine pickings of peperone can garuntee dining flavor (yes!). The peetz pizz will surprise you with all 6 of our pizze flavoers. Thank you!

Our Founder!

"You will all fear me when earth and hell collide, I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny and I WILL have my glory days in the hot sun." -Peter Moretti, founder and CEO of Pete's Pizza Time Kingdom

this strong, handsome and powerful man founded the pizza kingdom with his own two hands and became ordaned as this companies first "pizza king™" he was able to shape a pizza place into a bustling best business.! Born in Brooklyn New York to two REAL italians in 1954, he started the pizza in 1979 when his uncle died violently and left him a large sum of money to spend of creating a new business!